China Pictorial: Kubuqi Special Issue

  • Source:KIDF
  • Date:2019-04-26

It is the seventh largest desert in China.

It is the closest desert to the capital, Beijing,

thus being the main cause of sandstorms in Beijing.

It has survived the remote antiquity.

Generation of people born and raised here always have a dream:

To change the desert to an oasis some day.

Since 25 years ago,

When the first road was built in the vast desert,

A stretch of greens has grown vigorously,

A band new green ecological economy has emerged,

The new generation of desert people have lived a life totally different from their ancestors,

The green desert has brought blue skies and enriched the people,

The long-standing dream to change the desert into an oasis has come true,

Which sets a good example for the global desertification control and ecological construction.

The biennial Kubuqi Forum has become a tank of wisdom and a platform of international dialogue.